Click on the title to download the teaching as an MP3 file, or click on the grey arrow to listen to it by streaming. Those sharongs are bilingual French / English :

Témoignage Richard and his new / old job
(Richard, USA, translation by Marie, 7 minutes, 7 Mo)

Témoignage God's Word in Bukavu (a Congo region which had a civil war very recently)
(Louis Segond, Congo, translation by Béatrice, 10 minutes, 10 Mo)

Témoignage Bruno and his new job
(Bruno, France, translation by Béatrice, 7 minutes, 7 Mo)

Témoignage God's energy and balance in our lives
(Patrick G., back from Nepal, translation by Béatrice, 13 minutes, 12 Mo)

Témoignage Our two little boys whom we adopt in Madagascar
(Marie, France, translation by Béatrice, 9 minutes, 8 Mo)

Témoignage Healings in the USA and the United Arab Emirates
(Scott T., Dubaï, translation by Marie, 16 minutes, 15 Mo)

Here is a map of all the places where people lived or visited during this Skype fellowship :